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How can a Post-It make you more organized?

Sometimes the solution to be more organized is in a 3x3’’ piece of paper.

I've talked about this method before, in a previousprevious post. I don’t remember exactly when I first learn about it. But I’ve been using it for a while and it has truly changed how I approach my workflow now. It’s a very simple method that requires only one small item that you probably already have on your desk: a post-it note.


Explaining the Post-It Method

The Post-It method is a very simple trick that can help you deal with an overload of tasks during your day. The whole idea is that you simply write down the three to five of the most important tasks you have to do on a simple post-it. Then, throughout the day, your goal is to check every single task on that piece of paper. And that is it, that’s the whole method. However, you would be surprised by how incredibly effective it actually is. Especially if you are like and always have a huge to-do list following you around.

The Ultimate Decision-Maker

The method can help you focus on a small number of tasks for the day, making you more focused and less stressed. You don’t see or think about all the other tasks that you didn’t write on the post-it. It makes you prioritize and consider which tasks really deserve your attention for the day.

What tasks, in a sea of tasks, are truly worth it to be on that post-it?

I use this method especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed. It limits my workload. Having that post-it on top of my desk helps me feel more prepared to face the day. And, at the end of the day, looking at that post-it fully checked makes me feel less anxious — which is always good for my mental health.

Simple but Effective

The Post-It method is a very simple and effective way to help you organize your day. There’s no categorization, levels of priorities or tags. You just need to do what’s on that post-it. It doesn’t look overwhelming. It’s a post-it. You simply write down the things you need to do that day and attach the post-it to your screen or desk so you are able to, at any time, look at it. The fact that you are writing these tasks down also takes the thought out of your brain. It helps you visualize what your day will look like.


I would say that this method is a productivity hack in some type of way. It’s not complex, and definitely not fancy. I always enjoy learning and trying new productivity methods, techniques, and even software. But sometimes the ones that truly work are the simpler ones. You will see it. Give it a go!

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